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Jewellery Valuation Service at Coram James

The jewellery market continues to go from strength to strength. There is international appeal at all levels, especially for top quality diamonds, rare gemstones, natural pearls and signed jewels. Just last year, the world record price of $21.5 million for a colourless diamond was set by The Archduke Joseph Diamond sold at Christie’s (13 November, 2012).

The most important elements to consider when valuing jewellery are the raw materials. Around 80% of the total value of the piece will be determined by the weight of materials such as gold or silver and the size and quality of the diamonds or other precious stones. The materials are particularly valuable as they can hold their value more reliably than other investments in uncertain economic times.

The second key aspect to recognize is the maker, since well-known names such as Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopard or Graff add to the value of the piece due to their reputation for high quality materials and craftsmanship. Signed, period and antique jewellery by these makers can often have great appeal, as they add to the rarity and character of the piece.

The third significant element to valuing jewellery is the style or period of the piece. This will include considering the age and provenance of an item. Since the discovery of working metal in the Ancient world, jewellery has been a universal form of adornment, and can provide important evidence to the values of a society, its hierarchies and rituals. Certain periods can be more or less fashionable over time, and Art Deco, Belle Epoque or Ottoman styles are popular in current sales.

If you wish to have your jewellery valued, whether for insurance, probate, or sales purposes, Coram James Valuers can provide a discreet, professional and independent valuation service. We can help to value single items such as a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet, or a whole collection.

Coram James Ltd is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for Art and Antiques (RICS) as well as other recognized bodies such as NAVA and SOFAA. Our valuation reports are therefore certified and suitable for insurance purposes, as well as satisfying the legal requirements for probate and divorce settlements. Our experienced jewellery specialist is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association.

If we can be of assistance in any of the following areas, please contact:

  • Renaissance Jewellery Valuation
  • 17th-century Jewellery Valuation
  • Georgian Jewellery Valuation
  • 19th-century Jewellery Valuation
  • Antique Earring Valuations
  • Engagement Ring Valuations
  • Gold Jewellery Valuations
  • Arts & crafts Jewellery Valuation
  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco Jewellery Valuation
  • Contemporary Jewellery Valuation
A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring (sold on behalf of a client)
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