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Art Advisory Services

Dispersal of Art Works

We regularly help both Private Clients and Corporations with the sale of whole collections or individual works of art. Due to our day-to-day valuation work, we are acutely aware of the value of items across all areas of the art market. We are therefore in a unique position to offer the best possible advice concerning the value of the items and the best location for sale.

Acquisition of Art Works

We are constantly researching international markets to source suitable artworks at a fair market value.

A Personal Service

We tailor our service to meet each client’s requirement. This may range from strategic planning to create an art collection or enhance an existing one, to helping someone unused to the art market make a purchase for a special gift.

Unbiased Advice

As an independent company, we can advise about purchasing art works internationally, and at auction as well as from commercial galleries. We can always find the most cost effective solution.

Thorough Research

We will carry out the necessary research into attribution and condition into any items of interest, so that you can have absolute confidence in your purchases.

Auction Advice

For people unused to the auction process, it can be a time-consuming and at times baffling process. Others simply prefer to retain their privacy by consigning or purchasing items under our company name.

We can view auction lots on behalf of clients, liaise with Auction specialists to ascertain interest, provide independent advice on condition, and represent a client at an auction.

Practical Services

We can assist with insurance, shipment and installation of art works, as well as offer curatorial advice on loans and conservation. Alongside our partners (see our Service Providers page) we can also help with framing, restoration, insurance and security.


Our prices are very competitive, and consist of an initial consultation fee (redeemable against any purchase or sale of items) and a small percentage of any purchase made (based on a sliding scale).

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